Welcome to our Travel Insurance Certificate centre

You can use the certificate centre to generate a certificate detailing the benefits available to you during your travels. You must have insurance included as a benefit of your American Express Card.

Generating a certificate will take around 5 minutes and has to be completed in one online session, so be sure you have enough time before you start.

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If you cannot see your Card listed here, please contact American Express by calling the number on the back of your Card as they will help you find out what Card Member Insurance benefits you hold.


The above coverages are underwritten by AXA but your card may also include cover (eg. Car Rental Benefits) that is underwritten by a different insurance company.You should refer to your T&Cs and contact that company directly.

Once created, the certificate will not be a contract of insurance or an insurance policy schedule. The benefits described on this document are dependent upon a Card being issued, the Card account being valid and the account balance having been paid in accordance with the Cardmember agreement at the time of any incident giving rise to a claim.

The insurance benefits may be varied, withdrawn or cancelled in certain circumstances in accordance with the Policy Terms and Conditions. You will be given at least 30 days’ written notice of such a change.

Provided you remain a valid Card holder in accordance with your Card Member agreement, you are entitled to the insurance benefits under the group policies from the moment the Card is activated and for as long as the eligibility criteria (as set out above) continue to be met or until we withdraw or cancel the insurance benefits by notice to you.

For full details about the policy, exclusions or how the contract would apply, please refer to the policy terms and conditions document.